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10th Anniversary Tote Bag

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To celebrate our 10 year anniversary Bakery Andante has commissioned 4 Edinburgh artists to create illustrations of our Morningside shop.

We now have 4 very different, but equally fantastic takes on our storefront. So we can share these great designs we have printed them on a 100% cotton shopping tote bags, and now offer them to our customers.

We also recognise that we are very privileged in these times that we have been able to offer our staff job security and access to food. We recognise that this current crisis has stripped many families of their livelihood and abilities to feed their families.

Established in 2002, the Community One Stop Shop (COSS) is situated in the heart of Broomhouse, Edinburgh, an area affected by poverty and deprivation.

Their overall aim is to alleviate the effects of poverty and support people through times of crisis.

Bakery Andante already provide some support to COSS, in that we regularly deliver our unsold breads to them. In addition to this we will also supply ½ doz fresh morning rolls for every bag sold.

You can find more information on COSS’s work and how you can support them at: